The Transformation of Women’s Ministry in 21st Century Culture

• Younger generations of women reject traditional programming in favor of more purposeful spiritual interaction.
• Innovative church leaders are experimenting with new ways to EQUIP women to exercise their gifts & passions through relationships, spiritual development & outreach
• Leaders are finding that teas, lunches, fashion-shows and socially focused retreats no longer fits the needs and desires of their congregations.
• Previous ministry activities and programs are tedious, time-consuming & irrelevant to new generations seeking to discover their gifts and passions through meaningful expression.
• There is a shift happening in the evangelical community, and an earthquake happening in the culture itself.
• God is at the center of these changes as a force of deconstruction and reconstruction.
• The future to which we are heading has not yet been created and you can be sure that it will look completely different than it looks right now.
• Its time to start experimenting with new ways to equip women to exercise their gifts and passions rather than simply recycling programs to entertain our people.
• Try to encourage ORGANIC development: women creating their own expressions of spiritual growth and outreach rather than being handed a menu of predetermined activities.
• Younger women are speaking loudly with their declining participation in traditional women’s ministry events, citing such reasons as busy schedules and hectic lifestyles.
• Theses younger women are however increasingly involved in community service events outside the church walls.
• Consider these new innovations:
o Connecting individuals in small groups on social networking websites.
o Holding bible studies at popular bookstores and coffee shops.
o Write relevant curriculum for bible study. Study the sermon series being preached. Make it available FREELY online.
o Train others to lead a study in their preferred way i.e. online, in bookstore, via facebook, via blog, via column.
o Taking important conversations to the streets “DIVA BUS”
o Cross-continental partnerships
o Design a retreat focused on practicing the spiritual disciplines and growing in spiritual maturity. (Spending personal time with God to hear his voice)


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