What people think about you?

People Are Always Watching You. If you think no one notices your hard work, sacrifices, and creativity, you are wrong. Sanders would say, “Everyone has film on you.”

Here is what people are noticing:

Your Body Language – 85% of all communication is body language. Your voice may be quiet but the way you carry yourself is constantly crying out.
Your Attitude – Do you constantly have a smile on your face? Is there a “skip in your step”?
Do You Serve Others – Are you a selfish person or do you constantly try to improve the quality of life for the people around you?
Do You Add Value – Is helping people accomplish their goals and objectives part of your DNA?
Do You Have Pride In Your Efforts – Is your work done with excellence?
Are You Creative – Do you find new solutions to the issues your team faces?
Are You A Producer – Does your efforts produce results?
Are You Humble – Is everything all about you?
Your Preparation – Are you paying the price needed for success.


Why is this so difficult for some of us?

The idea of blogging is quite appealing but man it was so hard to get started but maybe that’s got something to do with my age? So I have decided to make comments on what I see and read in the mags I buy which are supposed to inspire me and motivate but most times they are boring and repetitive.  So let me know if you agree or not and give me some leads for what’s more exciting and NEW!!