Is your soul downcast!

Many of us are more intentional about monitoring the well being of our cars than monitoring the well-being of our souls.
What are the warning indicators that your soul is not doing well? I’ll tell you mine: you can use them or modify them to run a little test, assessing your soul 1-5 on these scales:
–Lack of motivation. When nothing seems to be worth doing, when I find myself ‘not caring’ about people, or suffering, or my work, I know my soul needs attention.
–Irritability. When other people increasing feel like a bother rather than a brother, its time for some maintenence work.
–High vulnerability to discouragement. When the soul is strong, it finds obstacles and challenges to be part of the task assigned it, to make it stronger.
–High vulnerability to temptation. When my soul lacks satisfaction from the right sources, it will look for satisfaction from the wrong ones. No ones’ soul can go for long without satisfaction.
–Loss of gratitude. The soul stretched thin loses its receptors for beauty and joy.
There is help for the hurting soul, and God knows best what yours needs: solitude or fellowship; encouragement or conviction; new challenge or rest.
But healing always starts with awareness.
Check the dashboard.(by John Ortberg)