SUKUMA PROJECT – Empowering young girls & women to discover their full potential

Sukuma Project was started in order to uplift and empower girls & women in townships to become self employed and entrepreneurial. The ultimate goal is to free them from the constraints of poverty and unemployment.
SUKUMA will provide non-formal education, giving girls & women opportunities to develop self-esteem, confidence & life skills. Our dream is to build a better world for them through advocacy & action.
* EMPOWERMENT entails a process whereby girls & women will gain more control over their lives, become active members of their communities and are enabled to make informed choices about issues that directly affect them.
* EMPOWERMENT entails addressing the barriers that prevent them from developing their full potential. Discrimination against women can be based on class, race, ethnicity & age. Barriers include unequal power relations, limited opportunities for education, inadequate access to health care and services, cultural biases and poor economic conditions.
* EMPOWERMENT will involve focusing on gender equality and meeting the needs of the poorest of people.
* EMPOWERMENT will seek to uplift and improve general living conditions of women in townships.

SUKUMA PROJECT will focus primarily on providing employment opportunities through the production process of various marketable products. Woman will be taught basic sewing in order to be employable or self employed to participate in projects such as the following:
* Executive Scarves for Corporates in SA
* Fashion scarves for retail
* Community Candle Production
* Gift Candles for retail
* Scented Candles for retail
* Community Soap Production
* Gift Soaps for retail

God’s Girls is a church project working in the community near Compass Point church which seeks to empower & equip young girls to discover their full potential by:
* Providing a safe environment in which girls can cultivate their own set of values and grow in confidence
* Support girls and create space to foster positive, close relationships with mentors & peers
* Teach soft skills to increase employment chances
* Teach skills such as sewing, candle making, soap making, greeting card making, event planning & baking
* Assist the girls to find bursaries & scholarships for teritiary studies
* Encourage the girls to get involved in IT, science, maths, sports, & technology.
* Develop the leadership gifts within the girls in the group & provide ongoing leadership training
* Work hard to encourage them to stay in school and plan for tertiary studying

Finally we will strive to enable young girls & women to discover their potential through non-formal educations based on 4 pillars of lifelong learning:
LEARN TO KNOW – Broad general knowledge
LEARN TO DO – Acquire some occupational skills alongside life skills including inter personal and team relationships
LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER – Develop an understanding of other people & appreciation of interdependence, skills in team work and conflict resolution, cultivating a deep respect for one another.
LEARN TO BE – Develop character, judgement & personal responsibility.

SUKUMA PROJECT – Women empowerment, upliftment & development!