Brave New Women

• Women’s ministry arose predominantly out of the need to support missionaries and plant churches and has become increasingly inwardly focused and cliquish.
• Women’s ministry needs to REENGAGE
• Women’s ministry needs to be CONNECTED to the churches vision not functioning as a silo on its own with its own separate mission.
• All ministry needs to be organized around a common vision provided by the church leadership team.
• Its time to blow up the dinners, the flings and the teas which serve no purpose beyond the events themselves.
• Do you have a few bible study groups which are gaining knowledge with no application? Are they just filling in the blanks? Is there a disconnect between what the bible study knows and what they do?
• Women in the church need life transformation but they are often met with legalism and judgement.
• HELP WOMEN APPLY SCRIPTURAL PRINCIPLES IN THEIR LIVES and not just to answer the study questions correctly.
• Rearrange the ministry and base it on individuals not on programs and activities. Teach every woman that she is gifted for service and can fill a role in the ministry.
• Women want to know “How can I be a better mother?” “How do I walk with Christ in the workplace?”
• Women are not just going to give up their time for anything. They want to connect but that connection must have a purpose.
• Casual social events tend to inhibit women from pursuing further spiritual growth.
• Women are wilting rather than flourishing because they are not challenged by strong spiritual leaders. Their hearts desire is looking for something more real. Some of them know its Jesus. Some of them don’t.
• Women are not always interested in big name speakers – they want to hear from someone like themselves, not someone who has it all figured out.
• A growing awareness that life is messy business has created a new desire for transparency and approachability among women at the church.
• Too many women are used to church being a place where they have to appear to be perfect, and make life look easy.
• Create an environment for women to share their raw testimonies with one another, to create meaningful connections.
• While the relational foundation of women’s ministry remains the same, its MODUS OPERANDI is changing. Every generation will give their tweaks to it. Every woman wants a more natural, relevant ministry than their mother’s.
• Younger generations are experiencing womanhood differently than their older counterparts.
• No one size fits all and we must ask the question “How do we minister to all generations?”
• Who is in your constituency? Single professionals? Working mother’s? Stay-at-home moms?
• What are your biggest challenges? Lifestyle? Time? Spiritual maturity?
• What is the role of the ministry? Discipleship? Equipping? Supportive? Evangelical? Empowerment?
• Could you consider using online social networking to develop common interest groups?
• Do you as women need to re-explore and redefine the concepts of gender and womanhood from both biblical & cultural perspectives?
• Younger generations are almost genderless and don’t define the gender lines the way older generations did. A lot of professionals in the church are not used to gender limitations. It is important for church leaders to outline a plan for articulating gender concepts biblically while still empowering members in their gifts and talents.
• There is a lot of confusion about what it means to be a woman in the church. The church is sometimes guilty of communicating that women who choose not to marry and have kids are less valuable than mothers and wives.
• Women stereotype themselves according to predefined roles such as wife, mother and working women which limits them and creates catty comparisons. We must celebrate “womanhood” and celebrate one another without putting anyone down based on these stereotypes.
• A current trend in the church is to seek “cohesiveness” in all ministry areas by focusing on a fundamental principle or teaching referred to as “the big idea” i.e. global outreach, community, worship, spiritual transformation. It is then every ministries purpose to align with the bigger vision of the church.
• Having women on the church’s executive staff is one strategy to facilitate unity with a greater church vision.


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