Anne Thompson did a segment on women-owned businesses called “Helping Women Soar in Tough Economy”
As a woman, I was naturally intrigued. She featured a not-for-profit that provides programs, resources and networking opportunities to women wanting to advance their businesses – Count Me In:
I was astounded by one of Anne’s quotes. “There are 10.5 Million women-owned businesses in America and less than 2% of them bring in more than a Million dollars. The problem isn’t a glass ceiling.” How could that be? I don’t know the stats on male-owned business, but 2% just seems really low to me. The segment goes on to explain…
Women are not being held back by glass ceilings as much as glass walls. Whereas glass ceilings are formed by others, we form glass walls ourselves by:

We are expected to be Super Woman having to juggle home, work, church, marriage, kids, friends, hobbies, exercise…not necessarily in that order. I wonder, though, who is setting these expectations for us? Is it other people? Or are we boxing ourselves in by assuming this unreasonable role. No one ever says to me, “You aren’t productive enough.” But I feel that way often.
One day, it hit me…it was not only a good idea to ask for help and dream big, but it was wrong not to. As a leader, the people we lead NEED us to take this approach. If we don’t, we are going to limit ourselves, our company and burnout, leaving them ultimately out of a job.
So let me boldly encourage you all – DON’T BOX YOURSELF IN WITH GLASS WALLS!
Give yourself permission to think big about your business, strategically network with others and delegate so you don’t lose focus. Stop limiting yourself and allow God to expand your realm on influence to further His Kingdom!

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