There is a wonder woman inside everyone of us!
Here’s a few tips on how to unleash her:
1. DRESS THE PART – 1st impressions do count despite what people tell you! It’s the first 7 secs that count! Thats all the time you have to make an impression. Its important to look the part but don’t blend in whatever you do! Embrace your individuality like never before. Individuality is a STRENGTH!
2. BODY LANGUAGE – Manipulate your power through your body language! 38% of what you communicate about your capabilities is through body language & the tone of your voice. if you’re in an important interview try “mirroring” : attune your posture and gestures to those of your interviewer.
3. FIND A MENTOREE – Be sure to nurture your relationships with your colleagues. People tend to be motivated to help when they feel empowered by someone they respect.
4. DO WHAT SCARES YOU! – We must never be afraid of formless things like meeting new people. Push yourself emotionally as a form of psychological stretching. Remember the further you reach outside your comfort zone the bigger your comfort zones becomes!
5. SELF-KNOWLEDGE – This is imperative to promoting inner strength so its important to know your limits. Nobody is good at everything and we must accept this.
Adapted from article by Anthea Rowan.


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