U2 live in Johannesburg!

We were excited to be going to see U2 live but nothing prepared us for the actual experience.
It was a smorgasbord of the very best of U2. We were given strict instructions by our daughter that we had to learn all the words of the songs but in classic U2 style we managed to sing to almost every song!
Just moments before the end of the show it was incredible to sing “Amazing Grace” and then to pray for “Madiba” together with 98 000 people.

Red Zone ticket sales contribute towards ARV’s for people suffering with Aids. The RED foundation contribute millions of rands to projects in and around South Africa through the sales of their celeb endorsed RED products around the world. After Bono told us this I felt much better about the fact that these tickets cost R4000 each!
Bono also stated that South Africa feels like “the future” and congratulated us for the example that we are to the world. Needless to say the crowd erupted with immense intensity to these words of encouragement.
Of course being activists U2 did not miss the chance to rally support for their causes and the audience’s response was nothing short of incredible.

I believe the size of the audience proved to be a world record crowd for U2 on their 360Tour!
Sadly the 2 opening acts were dismally boring and not the best choices made by the organizers.
Surely Freshly Ground or the Parlotones or One Republic or Prime Circle would have done a better job than the Springbok Nude Girls! Screaming doesn’t do it for us Arno!

Despite the ridiculously long queues for bar tokens, food and merchandise it was a once in a lifetime experience that we were blessed with!


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