Strong Life!

In Find Your Strongest Life, Marcus Buckingham reveals the powerful key to bring fulfillment, peace, and control into a woman’s life.

Modern women have it all. In the past four decades, women have secured better job prospects, greater acknowledgement for achievement, wider influence, more free time, and higher salaries. And yet, recent studies reveal that women have gradually become less happy than they were 40 years ago, and less happy than men—and unlike men, they grow sadder as they get older. Does this mean that women should return to a world of fewer choices and opportunities? On the contrary, what we have learned provides an opportunity to answer some key questions about the needs of women now. What is the future for women in America? At work, at home, and in life, how can they find deeper fulfillment and joy? And how do we empower our young daughters and today’s 25- and 30-year-olds to make certain they don’t face the same dilemma?

Find Your Strongest Life was born out of a need to respond to questions such as these. The book challenges ingrained myths about women, tackles the paradox of declining female happiness, and demonstrates that the happiest and most successful women:

Don’t agonize over who they aren’t—they accept and act on who they are. They have discovered the role they were born to play and they play it.
Don’t juggle—they catch-and-cradle. They don’t keep things at bay, but select a few things and draw them in close.
Don’t strive for balance—they strive for fullness. They intentionally imbalance their lives toward those moments that make them feel strong.
Always sweat the small stuff—They know and act on the specific details of what invigorates them (and they let go of what doesn’t strengthen them).
Find Your Strongest Life also introduces Marcus Buckingham’s Strong Life Test, a unique profile-builder that measures individuals against nine distinct roles—Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, Weaver—and reveals each woman’s Lead Role, the role she was born to play—the role that she and her closest friends and family will recognize as her core self. Used in conjunction with the book, the Strong Life Test can be a powerful tool enabling women to tap into their best selves and find their strongest lives.

The Strong Life Test For Women

Discover the role you were born to play
The Strong Life Test presents you with a number of scenarios and then challenges you to identify which decision you would make. Be sure to go with your top-of-mind response; your immediate, unfiltered reaction is always the most revealing.

Of course, your test results will not define you completely–there’s a good deal more fine-tuning you’ll want to do on your own to add detail and specificity. But what the test will do is show you where to start your search for a strong life.

Find Your Strongest Life
What the Happiest & Most Successful Women Do Differently
by Marcus Buckingham


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